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Consigning at Capital Sports Sales

Whether you’re looking to earn some quick cash, or outgrowing your driveway, Capital Sports Sales’s team of Consignment Experts is here to help sell your boat! Consignment is a quick process and simple to get started. Our team is knowledgeable, professional and here to help get the most for your boat. That’s why we’re committed to selling your boat within 30 Days*! Keep reading to learn more about consignment, the additional services we offer, and our commitment to selling your boat within 30 days*!

What Is Consignment And How Do I Start?

What does consignment mean? Boat consignment is similar to selling your pre-owned product yourself, but we do all the work. The process is simple, easy and painless. You will turn over your boat to us, while retaining complete ownership of your consignment. Our professional marketing team will advertise your boat for you, and our reputation will stand behind your product. 

Simply put, consignment is when a middle entity sells your boat and takes a portion of the sale in return. boat consignment is perfect for those who do not want to be hassled with selling their pre-owned boat, both before and after the sale. Additionally, Capital Sports Sales has high foot traffic and a professional marketing department, meaning your boat will get more exposure than if you try to sell yourself! The website alone has thousands of potential buyers every month, including out-of-state buyers who can view/purchase your boat online. Furthermore, each store has many trained sales professionals on staff to answer all questions a potential buyer may have, and to walk them through the buying process.

Additional Services We Offer:

Capital Sports Sales offers additional services to help with the marketing and sale of your boat. Professional detailing, mechanical repair, body
repair, parts replacement and excellent financing programs are available to ensure we will sell your boat sooner with a satisfactory
transaction for the new buyer and yourself.

Financing is often difficult and stressful to secure for an boat private party buyer when you are trying to sell by yourself. We work
with over 16 major lenders to help our clients secure financing quickly and easily, which in turn will help sell your boat quickly!

At Capital Sports Sales, we understand that selling your boat can be overwhelming and time consuming. When you consign your boat with us, you can rest assured that we will do every step possible to sell your boat.

If you are interested in consigning your boat, please fill out our form below, call your local Capital Sports Sales store, bring your boat to our location and let us help you eliminate the stress of selling your pre-owned boat. We are happy to address any questions and concerns you may have regarding this process.

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*30 days from date of website posting. See dealer for details. no guarantee of sale